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Why Investing in furniture is a must!

Why Investing in furniture is a must!

With countless furniture options available it's important to think about what furniture is worth investing in. As a starting point the more everyday use a piece of furniture is subject to, the increased likely hood it will need to be regularly maintained, repaired or replaced.

Words by Frobisher

With countless furniture options available it’s important to think about what furniture is worth investing in and what to look for when shopping for quality! As a starting point have a think about what pieces get the most use in your home as they will be subject to maintenance, repairs and in time replacement. While all furniture has a lifespan, good quality furniture that is well manufactured is a sensible long-term strategy that will save you money in the long run. run. When you invest in furniture or homewares, you often end up with bespoke and timeless pieces that have not been mass produced or that will go ‘out of fashion’ giving you longevity with your pieces.

If you are struggling to find furniture that reflects your personality and lifestyle, or can’t find the exact piece of furniture to match your dimensions and practical requirements custom-made furniture could be the perfect option for you. We offer German made furniture brands Rolf Benz and Hulsta (pictured below) or if you love to support local, New Zealand made.

Rolf Benz don’t just specify in sofas, they also offer custom coffee tables, shelving, side tables, occasional chairs and bar stools. If you are in the sofa market, we like to think of a sofa as the heart of the home, it brings people together to relax, unwind and entertain. If you think about the amount of time you spend on your sofa suite it is safe to say it is a furniture item worth the investment. With so many options in the market how do you know where your money is best spent?

 Quality and functionality are the most important elements when looking for a sofa. Our German and New Zealand made range are ethically and sustainably made from start to finish. They are designed to last a life time and are easily custom made to suit your needs no matter how diverse these may be! You can choose the modular element, leg style, height and depth as well as your arm rest and fabric or leather choice. It can often be challenging to source pieces of furniture that complements each other. Customising your own sofa can help you to build around multiple pieces to reflect your own unique style. It also gives you the freedom to have piece of furniture that will allow your space to look original and perfect fit to both your home and life.

If you are thinking of investing in good quality furniture it is paramount that you do your research and understand the origins and composition of the pieces you are considering. If you would like to know more about the custom options or how we can help you choose the right piece simply get in touch with our friendly team to talk you through the endless design possibilities.

And remember above all . . . your sofa is meant to be used and enjoyed for years to come!

Rolf Benz Cara Sofa

Hulsta 450 sofa

New Zealand Made Frankton Sofa

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