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Wood flooring trends

Wood flooring trends

Authenticity is key. This is especially true for the current trend in wood flooring. It has everything to do with strong creativity and craftsmanship that highlight the originality and exceptionalism of natural wood.

Words by HARO Flooring New Zealand

Wood as a natural material combines two very basic spheres of life: the first being a down-to-earth quality, origin and tradition and the other being beauty, sensuality and joie de vivre. The new 2015 wood flooring trends present the best of both worlds. Even the colours help to highlight the natural character of the material. That’s why authentic, matte and soft natural tones in particular dominate this year. „Greige“ is the name of the trendy range of colours from white and grey tones through beige and cream colours to warm brown.

Sight and touch: ship deck up wind

Not only visual appearance is important: this year it’s also about the feel: lofty boughs and structuring that allures you to touch, 3D effects and coloured oils which provide an even more expressive surface, giving the ship deck style a whole new meaning.

Brushed surfaces validate the grain

Whether stone scraped, smoked, whitewashed or brushed: with wood surfaces, the customer can let his sense of style run wild. This year, hardwood floors with brushed surfaces win the race: carefully brushing the soft elements of the wood in the longitudinal direction of the grain gives the surface a distinctive texture while the more definitive elements like rings and natural grain become even more pronounced, says Michael Schmid, President of the Verband der deutschen Parkettindustrie.

Think big

"Extra long and wide formats are increasingly popular as they bestow the room with a lavish overall impression. Examples include strips up to 240 millimetres in width,“ explains timber expert Schmid. HARO scored a coup with the Plaza cottage strip: Plaza combines the appearance and elegance of a castle strip with the technical advantages of regular multilayer timber. With a width of 240 mm and its highly structured, naturally oiled surface, Plaza features the advantages of a castle strip though it fits with ease thanks to its regular assembly height even with in-floor heating.

Never mind what living style we use, how we furnish or which flooring aesthetics we choose. The most important thing is that we feel quite cosy at home. In that sense, we really can’t go wrong because wood always gets a good score.

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