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Work space wall ideas

Work space wall ideas

Words by Fuze Business Interiors

Work space walls. Once, simply a question of which wallpaper to choose, we now have seemingly endless options – Graphics, Colour, Typography, Wayfinding, Interesting Materials, New Technology, Creative Installations… the list goes on.

Walls are no longer just structural requirements or static space dividers, they offer an opportunity for brand-aligned aesthetics and creativity. And more recently, smart designers have been asking another important question: “Can the wall enhance the space both aesthetically and in a multi-functional way?” Take a look below at some of these clever ideas.

Designed by Japanese architect Aki Hamada, this community space in Kanagawa, Japan, has removable exterior walls and reconfigurable interior partitions, meaning it can easily be adapted to suit different activities.

Below, Ogilvy & Mather Offices in Shanghai feature a living wall, which not only provides attractive noise reduction and air purification, but also beautifully brings a slice of nature indoors.

Below, this design room at Instagram has large, replaceable foamcore boards that snap onto the wall, creating large areas to display work and refine ideas.

Below, Mozilla Japan use these Polycarbonate panels (part of their ‘open source furniture‘), which enable you to “edit space”. They are great because they separate areas into smaller spaces, are movable, and can be used to write on.

Below, the graphic world of chemical equations is transferred onto the wayfinding system at EPAL by designers Mário Videira and Joana Gala.

Below, Ideapaint knows that writable surfaces help teams liberate ideas, big and small.

Below, Yudo’s Yokohama Office employees can communicate with each other by using these colourful pipelines.

Below, Functional Acoustic Walls are based on a concept where a ‘living wall’ really comes to life when used by office staff dependent on its placement.

Finally, Instagram has a photo wall in their coffee break area with Instax cameras, which employees and visitors can use to document their visits. Fun!

Interested to learn more about how these ideas can come to life in your space? Talk to a designer.

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