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Braced for the future

Braced for the future

A revolutionary garden edging system just got better thanks to an innovative range of bracing systems designed to work with a range of surface types and conditions.

Words by Justin Foote

Since its launch onto the New Zealand market a couple of years ago, Straightcurve has changed the face of landscaping with its range of flexible garden edging, retaining walls and modular planters—available in weathering steel and galvanised steel.

Its ease of use and suitability for a range of applications quickly saw it become a hit with professional landscapers and amateur gardeners alike.

“Straightcurve is a unique product in that it has been specially designed to allow for natural-looking freeform bends and curves or hard and straight lines while still providing the strength and solidity required by many landscape projects,” says Shane Parker.

Available in a range of products—Flexline, Rigidline, Hardline and Fixed Height Line—and sizes, which means you can create a cohesive design scheme that incorporates a number of elements including curved and straight edging, retaining walls and modular planter boxes.”

Straightcurve's range of flexible garden edging, retaining walls and modular planters—available in weathering steel and galvanised steel—has made it possible to create self-bracing, free-form curved garden beds.

Straightcurve: changing the shape of landscaping

Now, to complement the existing range, Straightcurve has released a new line of bracing systems.

“These are tried and true methods that have been adapted to suit Straightcurve’s products for instances where you need to self-brace to keep all vertical surfaces true and straight,” says Shane.

Straightcurve’s new universal bracing sets have been designed for three types of applications—bracing for soft ground with one-sided retaining or bracing for hard surfaces using a chain and turnbuckle system; and, bracing for an enclosed shape with a bracing strut system. Both providing greater resistance and ‘holding power’, giving you increased peace of mind, especially with one sided retaining.

“For soils and dirt, connect the chain and turnbuckle to a stake on one side and Straightcurve bracing on the other. Once the stake is firmly in the ground, adjust the turnbuckle until the length of Straightcurve product is vertical. As you backfill with soil, continue to adjust the turnbuckle if required to keep a vertical edge for particularly bad soil conditions either concreting in the stake or substituting for a larger stake, post or waratah will provide an excellent foundation for your retaining job. Our existing 1100mm Post set is also a great alternative solution to brace your Straightcurve Edge.

“Bracing Straightcurve Edges to hard surfaces such as concrete, is done by using both universal bracing sets and dynabolts. Use the universal bracing as you would with soft ground but replace the stake with a dynabolt. Bolt the foot tab holes down with 8mm dynabolts and continue as you would with the soft ground method.

“Lastly, for enclosed shapes, bracing with no surface penetration works best. A new RIB system that comes standard on the 240mm, 400mm and 560mm Flexline and Rigidline gives new bracing points. These work with the new universal bracing sets or to create a bracing application without penetrating the ground to achieve a rock solid construction.”

The new Universal Bracing System allows you to ensure all vertical surfaces remain true regardless of whether you're working with soft ground, hard surfaces such as concrete, or are creating enclosed shapes.

Straightcurve: better systems for better outcomes

The new universal bracing systems have been designed to work with the 240mm, 400mm and 560mm above ground Rigidline, Flexline and Fixed Height Line products ranges.

“With the turnbuckle, chain and stake system, we’ve included a carabiner-style clip so the user can choose how long they want the chain to be, although we would recommend the longer the chain the better, to allow for more reach. Likewise, connecting points for the hook end of the system can now be found on all joins, a new addition to the edges and panels.

“Other changes include new, larger holes on the connecting flanges. These larger holes, positioned at the top and bottom of the flange allow for bracing of an open end or a join when using the new universal bracing system.”

The new system has been conceived, says Shane, to give both specifiers, landscapers and designers as well as the property owner added peace of mind when designing landscaping elements such as raised garden beds, steps or multi-level features and retaining walls.

Stock and its availability is a very common question at the moment, Straightcurve New Zealand continues to hold stock levels that give landscapers and designers the confidence to specify any range and rely on Straightcurve to meet their edging requirements.

Learn more about Straightcurve’s range of products including the new universal bracing systems.

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