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DIY system allows you to build your own glass balustrade

DIY system allows you to build your own glass balustrade

Few elements can give your outdoor setting that cool, designer edge like a frameless glass balustrade around your deck or a glass fence surrounding your pool and now, it’s never been easier to achieve that look.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

By law, in New Zealand, all pools—including spa pools and the like—must have a barrier to prevent unsupervised access to the pool area by children aged five years or younger. Said barriers also need to be at least 1.2-metres in height above the ground and have no means of being climbed.

Similar regulations apply for balustrades, especially when more than one metre above the ground. All sound safety precautions. However, safety doesn’t always mean good aesthetics. Which is why glass fencing is a popular choice for those who want both. As a premium product, though, glass fencing and balustrades usually come at a hefty price.

Not so at Grand Glass where customers can easily achieve the designer look for their pool, deck or shower frame without the designer price tag—and all while satisfying council regulations.

“We established the company in 2015 with the intention of supplying affordable, high-quality and compliant glass balustrade and pool fencing solutions as well as shower screen products to the New Zealand market,” says Owner Jessica Qi.

“All of our systems come as a complete package with the glass and materials supplied from the Grand Glass online shop, so customers need only deal with us and the systems have been designed to be easily installed by contractors and proficient DIY-ers alike.”

All Grand Glass balustrade and pool fencing systems are supplied as a complete package including glass, materials and installation instructions.

Grand Glass: compliant with council regulations

“In addition, all of our systems have producer statement documentation, which means the person carrying out the installation is able to issue their own PS3 with council.”

Grand Glass operates the only online shop for glass balustrades, pool fences and shower screens so customers can play around with the design details in a wide range of styles, sizes and materials.

“We have selected the systems, products, and hardware solutions in our range for their quality as well as for their easy installation features. All our products are also easy to adjust post-installation to ensure all the levels align. Provided you are good at DIY, you will have no problem installing them yourself. Plus we can supply all the accessories you will need from our online shop.”

Grand Glass operates the only online glass balustrade, pool fencing and shower screen shop in New Zealand, allowing customers to choose from more than 300 items to customise their own solution.

Grand Glass: detailed instructions supplied

The company supplies detailed instructions on how to put the systems together with an installation guide that explains all the steps required in the installation process. Over the years, they have refined their instructions to make them as helpful as possible.

If you need assistance, the team at Grand Glass has a wealth of experience, with knowledge of all products and is always happy to assist. Simply give them a call and they will answer any query you or your builder might have.

Before ordering, Jessica recommends customers email through a rough sketch of the project including dimensions, so the Grand Glass team can check that you have all the materials you need.

As both a retailer and a wholesaler, Grand Glass is also able to offer trade options to professionals and delivery is available right across New Zealand.

Learn more about the online shop and innovative systems that allow you to install your own glass balustrade, pool fence or shower frame.

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