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Wastewater treatment made in NZ for NZ conditions

Wastewater treatment made in NZ for NZ conditions

Naturalflow powerfree wastewater treatment systems, are NZ made! Designed and refined in Northland for New Zealands varying conditions.

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From the beginning

Initially developed in Matakana for processing toilet waste on boats, the Naturalflow concept soon found itself as a perfect answer to rural living. Having purchased the concept we have spent countless hours developing the system to what it is today.

The original design worked well, but was limited in capacity, so we increased this to meet the needs of most households (3-6 bedroom homes). The modular design also allows for the doubling up of components to increase capacity in larger scale projects.

More recent developments have included a small system for Tiny homes, which utilizes the same Naturalflow technology.

The early Wormorator was a smaller rectangular design
The final design which is current today, is a much larger domed shape.

Made in New Zealand

The tanks are typically all roto-molded plastic modules, molded locally in the small township of Ruawai; in some instances the modules are made using concrete tanks, which are also manufactured in Northland. Next the tanks are assembled in Maungaturoto using more NZ materials, where the modules are stocked and available for your project.

The worms that do the magic in your system, come from a large farm in the deep south. With exposure to both temperature extremes, these worms are suitable for any location in NZ.


With an inhouse design team and we can customize the system configuration to your particular requirements. Having our own manufacturing allows us to build custom size modules to meet any circumstance. These include: Marae's and Event centers , Papakainga's and small housing developments, Schools, seasonal accomodation and more...

Other options include onsite assembly; for situations where it is not practical or cost effective to freight large modules across the country, or where it is not possible to maneuver a completed module around obstacles onsite. One of the more notable installations being under a house on a slope of around 45deg, where there was no access for machinery.

Talk to us today if your project is out of the ordinary!

On a steep slope in heavy bush, Naturalflow was the only option.
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