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Routine Summer Pool Maintenance

Routine Summer Pool Maintenance

Words by Niveau

Routine summer pool maintenance
Weekly Routine

1. If necessary, clean the surface and floor of the pool of any debris that might have accumulated.

  1. Check and empty the skimmer basket as necessary.
  2. Check the pump strainer basket. If it is necessary to clean this basket, close all pump suction valves and set the multiport valve to “Closed” position so that water does not overflow when removing the lid from the pump.

4. Check filter pressure and if necessary backwash filter.

5. Vacuum clean pool if required. Backwash filter again.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you backwash your filter at least once every fortnight, even if the pressure gauge reading does not indicate the necessity. This will help keep your filter sand bed in good condition and prolong its useful life.
Winterising your pool

When you decide to discontinue use of your pool over the winter, reduce your chemigem and pump running time to 2 hours daily and switch off your heat pump at isolating switch.
Other pool equipment provided with your pool

Chemigem:(if applicable) Your Pool has been fitted with a Chemigem (Automated pool chemical controller). It is highly recommended to fully read the instruction manual provided with the unit as the Chemigem directly controls the chemical dosage to your pool.

The Chemigem is fitted with a timer which controls the switching on/off of the Pool Pump. The recommended running times for your pool pump are as follows:

Summer – 4 hours at night

– 4 hours in the Day

Winter – 2 hours at night

Note: These times will need to be by-passed when you are stabilising your pool chemicals for the first time. Your pump will need to run continuously to do this, and also when you are heating the pool to your desired water temperature for the first time.

Self-leveller: Your pool has also been fitted with an Automatic freshwater top-up system. This should not need to be touched once it is set to the required level. Although if you require emptying your pool for some reason, you may turn the mains water valve off on the side of your self-leveller.

Heat pump: your heat pump is preset at 28 degrees but, the temperature can be lowered if required by using the buttons on the electronic display. This display is located on the outside of your heat pump so you will never be required to remove any external panels. We strongly advise that you do not touch anything other than the display and isolating switch.


Automatic Pool Cover: (if applicable) Your automatic pool cover is very reliant on the water level to run effectively and to minimise damage to the Pool cover slats. If the water level is too low or too high the cover can become jammed inside the cover well and the motor will continue revolving until resistance stops the motor from turning. Therefore it is very important to maintain the pool level set by the pool builder. Alternatively, visually make sure it is above the pool cover well wall and below pool cover well beam before opening or closing your pool cover. Also, take care to make sure there are no foreign objects (sports balls etc.) on top of your cover when opening and retracting pool cover as they may become jammed also.

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