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Top five creative pool ideas to suit any space

Top five creative pool ideas to suit any space

Whether it’s a weir edge, a lap pool or an indoor/outdoor pool with a touch of luxury, these creative pool designs offer a solution for any home. 

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Pools for Small Sections

1. Lap Pools

A lap pool is often a great solution for properties where space is at a premium. Many inner city homeowners are choosing to incorporate a lap pool for this reason, making the best use of their outdoor area, Auckland Inground Pools’ Donna Richmond says.  

“Lap pools are generally designed for training or exercise swimming and as such are often deeper and built in a long, narrow shape without steps or ladders that can interfere with training."

A lap pool can be a great solution for smaller sections.

2. Plunge Pools

One of the most sought-after trends in pool design for the modern home, plunge pools are those which were primarily designed for hydrotherapy or aquatic exercise - a much smaller version of a traditional pool. “Due to their much smaller size in comparison to traditional inground pools, plunge pools can be the perfect addition on a small section,” Donna says. “The modern plunge pool is simply a compact swimming pool - generally still larger than a spa pool, with its small size meaning plunge pools can often offer a cost effective option, not only in terms of design and installation, but also for ongoing maintenance requirements, and if they're under 35,000 litres in capacity, there is no need to apply for a building consent for the pool itself."

Like a grotto or a waterfall, a rock pool can be designed to create a stunningly natural feature in the home...

Feature Pools

3. Infinity or Weir Edge Pools

The infinity pool has long been associated with luxury, and for good reason. “Looking over, and swimming in, a weir or infinity edge pool is something else,” Donna says. “These pools appear to blend into the wider landscape, creating the feeling that the body of water is part of the horizon. These pools are particularly stunning when built on properties that look over water, or in rural areas with dramatic views.”

4. Rock Pools

A rock pool can double as a natural-looking swimming pole, akin to a swimming hole in a river. “Like a grotto or a waterfall, a rock pool can be designed to create a stunningly natural feature in the home,” Donna says. “As a bespoke feature, a rock pool is arguably one of the most visually appealing. Similarly, with water features that are not large enough to double as a pool, the effects created are vast in design possibility with rock pools creating a natural element often designed to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.”

Indoor/outdoor pools are a way to ensure the pool area can be used in all seasons.

Pools for Versatility

5. Pool and Spa Combinations

A pool and spa combination can suit many different types of sections and is particularly popular for living situations where various members of a family may want to use a pool and spa in different ways. “Pool and spa combinations offer the best of both worlds; a place to exercise, play and relax in the water as well as space to enjoy the warmth and soothing benefits of a spa, meaning the pool area can get use all year round,” Donna says.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Pools

Arguably providing the ultimate in versatility, an indoor/outdoor pool allows for year-round enjoyment of a pool, with both a covered and uncovered area. Similarly, an indoor pool can provide the best solution for areas where climatic conditions may not be conducive to an outdoor pool at any time of year. 

Find out more about custom pool design and what the opti ons are for your property. 

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