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Connecting AV with IT to make you happy

Connecting AV with IT to make you happy

Innovative AV/IT crossover products are redefining the use of technology in both commercial and residential applications.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

The crossover between Audio-Visual technologies and IT has created enormous opportunities for large companies wanting to control and manage their AV assets effectively.

At the same time, new products are allowing residential fitouts greater flexibility around their own AV installations that, surprisingly, cross over into other applications within the home.

As ever, international trends in AV design and technology are becoming more important to companies and homeowners, and their growing complexity means being brought into the design process early in the development makes for a much better outcome.

“Originally we started distribution of the Nexus 21 automated mounting displays for floor-installed pop-up, or ceiling-installed drop-down TV lifts,” says Stuart Bulcraig, AV Supply Director. “But, what we’ve recently found is that architects and interior and kitchen designers are using them for things like coffee machine installs—we’re almost doing more of these now than we are TVs.”

Drop-down and pop-up TV lift technology is increasingly being used for other applications in the kitchen, such as for mounting coffee machines and other small appliances.

AV Supply: custom residential installations to inspire

Stuart is talking about a surprising development in residential kitchen design. What had originally been designed and manufactured for hiding large TVs into ceilings or floors is now being used in kitchens to hide away coffee machines and other kitchen appliances, freeing up bench space but still leaving in place easy access to the appliances.

“The demand has really surprised us,” adds Michael Good, AV Supply Sales Director, “but it’s a really clever application of a well-proven technology.”

“Of course, installing these units needs to be done well, which means getting us in early, but they’re a relatively affordable solution to a messy problem.”

Crossover AV/IT products are bringing a new level of integrated flexibility to residential markets.

AV Supply: top-rated AV products for commercial and residential solutions

AV Supply has been delivering top-rated hardware products for AV installations—including Sanus for residential and Chief for commercial—for almost three decades now. They have 3000 skus of hardware that allow for every conceivable permutation of install, and supply Sonorous cabinetry, the largest European manufacturer, which allows for meeting the demands of hospitality and residential fitouts with myriad different décor designs and materials.

Designers are already aware of the opportunities for small commercial and high-end residential installations for AV equipment, but there’s more.

For those wanting a more traditional TV screen, AV Supply is now offering 4k Vestel TV panels at 86- and 98-inch sizes. These huge format TVs are designed for a commercial application, with higher heat dissipators—meaning they can be left on for many more hours than residential TVs—ultra-thin bezels, and don’t come installed with Freeview.

AV Supply also supplies drop-down screens from world-leading manufacturers Da-Lite and Elite. A top screen is 70 per cent of the viewing performance when using a projector. Elite screens can go up to 160 inch (diagonal) with technology that knocks out ambient refractive light and creates a viewing experience compatible with that of large screen TVs.

Single-platform software products are making multinational communication easier and easier, freeing up businesses to concentrate on BAU processes rather then potentially costly IT solutions.

AV Supply: connectivity is king

“The world is now moving forward into AV/IT integration,” says Stuart, “and we’re moving the team at AV Supply right along with it.”

“Companies are looking for connectivity these days. Our Aurora smart switch control device is a web-based robust and flexible control system platform that allows hospitality, defence, health, corporates, education and other large-need clients to connect and control all the encoders and decoders they want. It’s also open source, which means it can easily be tailored for a specific client’s needs.”

Aurora’s advanced AV processors offer scaling, multi-image rotation and dual/quad display processing, which means clients can use their products for cutting-edge presentation and multiple endpoint delivery for every conceivable requirement.

Another technology brought in by AV Supply comes from Utelogy. This is a new, single-platform software product that monitors and manages multiple devices remotely, providing users with real-time updates and usage statistics, all from a central location.

“For instance, a multinational corporation may have 5000 meeting rooms around the world. Using Utelogy to monitor and manage all the devices in these rooms, only 20-30 people may be required to keep equipment working instead of multiple staff members located in each office. Utelogy can monitor every device back to central location so issues are identified and fixes made in a timely fashion, saving money and delivering a seamless service.

“And, adding to the exciting new opportunities springing up from the challenges of Covid, comes a new dynamic virtual microphone from Nureva. The HDL300 is a wall-mounted, single-point microphone that uses sophisticated software to monitor the room and direct its source feed to the person speaking at any one time, obviating the need for multiple microphones around the room.

“As you can see, both the applications and technologies to deliver solutions is a dynamic and fast-moving sector, so it pays to deal with someone with the knowledge and track record in delivering excellent solutions that are also cost-effective.”

AV Supply works with a selected group of AV design and installation experts to deliver to architects and designers solutions that will work for their clients.

Learn more about the innovative AV/IT solutions available for your next commercial and/or residential project.

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