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The future of smart home monitoring and security at your fingertips

The future of smart home monitoring and security at your fingertips

The front door is the gateway between two worlds—private and public. For comprehensive safety and greater comfort, as well as modern, stylish design, ‘ABB-Welcome’ door entry systems are ideal for use in new buildings as well as the modernisation of all types of real estate.

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Security and peace of mind is never more important than when you’re at home. ABB understands this and has made the latest technology front door entry system accessible to anyone building a new home or small apartment building, without sacrificing sophistication and features, says Shiv Prasad, Solutions Sales Specialist.

“The ’ABB-Welcome’ door entry system is a sophisticated Wi-Fi enabled video identification facility similar to higher-end systems but for a fraction of the cost.

“Now you can check who’s at your door or gate using the Wi-Fi enabled video camera before unlocking the door. You can also capture images and save them for later reference and keep records of who’s accessing your door code to enter.”

With its intuitive design, all functionalities of the video indoor station are only a touch away, with additional programmable buttons enabling flexible customisation to cover all your needs.

Welcome Home: app control makes it extra flexible and scalable

“It’s all controlled via an app, which means you can get notified via your phone, or chosen device, wherever you are, capture images remotely and control who accesses your home—all from wherever in the world you are.”

The system is designed for both residential homes and small apartment buildings and the units can be ordered as project-based integrators.

“It’s fully scalable for small apartment buildings, giving real peace of mind to residents through the increased security of being able to identify people before allowing them access to the complex. Integrators can also customise the system on a project-by-project basis,” says Shiv.

’ABB-Welcome’ also features a Wi-Fi-enabled video indoor station, which features a slimline, intuitive design that means all of the system's functions are only a fingertip away. Designed for ease of use, the indoor station can be paired to your phone allowing family members to operate the system via their phone. Similarly, the indoor station can be easily commissioned by scanning the accompanying QR code.

“Further features include a crystal-clear, high-fidelity colour display; additional programmable buttons for flexible customisation, allowing control of other entry points such as a garage door; and, a high level of digital security via data encryption,” says Shiv.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi enabled video camera, 'ABB Welcome' allows you to check who’s at your door or gate before unlocking the door.

Your gateway to the world: you won’t compromise impressive style for innovative technology

The units have an intuitive graphical user interface and unique thin design with a 4.3-inch IPS screen giving crystal-clear picture quality and 160-degree-wide viewing angles. Similarly, the keypad has also been designed for ease-of-use with intuitive controls, programmable buttons and separate ‘call’ and ‘unlock’ buttons to help ensure proper operation, says Shiv.

“You can pair your mobile with the panel via the app and allow your family members (up to eight members) to accept the call via their own devices. The data collected is all encrypted and secured, with ongoing data protection against hacking and threats. It’s the ultimate affordable front door security system.”

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