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Stackable: the latest in garage doors

Stackable: the latest in garage doors

Typical garage doors that roll back onto an overhead track when opened are great for many applications, but for industrial or commercial spaces, having a door overhead can take away from valuable workspace. We spoke to Glideaway Doors about the alternatives...

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Sectional garage doors are a versatile and popular solution for everything from residential through to large-scale industrial solutions. The problem is, the standard way these doors operate is to roll back onto tracks hung from the roof or overhead.

“The latest technology means we are now able to offer a solution to this problem when space overhead is a requirement,” Glideaway Doors’ Josh Larsen says.“ The Rollflex Compact Door has panels that stack above the door opening leaving the overhead space free.

“We’ve found that people are often looking for alternatives to the traditional tracked garage doors, especially in workshop situations where overhead lighting is required,” Josh says. “In hospitality settings the same issue has arisen. Until recently, people weren’t able to use glazed sectional doors to open a space to the outdoors because of the unsightly overhead tracks.”

With that issue mitigated, the options have become vast for the use of this type of door. “There are a range of finishes available. The standard option is an insulated steel, but it can be made in glazed sections or in a translucent cladding.”

In industrial and commercial settings, it’s often the case that the stud height is significantly higher than the top of the door opening, which had meant additional costs to hang tracks and brackets from the ceiling – another issue the stacking doors mitigate.

“What we’re seeing now is quite inventive uses of the door, particularly the fully glazed options,” Josh says. “These are popular in hospitality settings to open areas to the outdoors when the weather allows it, and we’re also seeing the doors being specified into interior office spaces where there is a need to shut off a boardroom from the rest of the office, for example.”

Because they meet the IL4 Seismic Rating for doors for commercial buildings, they are also being used in emergency services buildings such as ambulance stations.

The doors are made in Holland and are available in a large range of colours. “They are fully customisable though, and are built to order for bespoke projects,” Josh says. “This door represents an exciting step for the industry in New Zealand as it is quite a different product to what was previously available.”

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