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Enter the designer retractable insect screen/sun filter/blockout blind

Enter the designer retractable insect screen/sun filter/blockout blind

This sleek new three-in-one technology is changing the way our indoor/outdoor living looks. No longer is the traditional magnetic or mesh insect screen the norm. Here’s what the future looks like for designer window treatments. 

Words by ArchiPro Editorial Team

Insect screens are no longer just of the mesh or magnetic variety. In fact, they’re much more than just an insect screen. Enter the dual purpose screen for both insect protection and light filtering. Or perhaps you’re in need of a sleek block out solution for your bifold doors or architectural joinery that meets at a corner. It’s all possible with the release of a striking new system that offers a multitude of possibilities. 

The designer insect screen is already a sought-after solution for architectural homes around the country after only a few months on the market. Designed by Australian company Centor, the patented S4 System is a significant step forward in window treatment hardware. 

“The S4 screen enables homeowners with large door openings to enjoy the luxury of inside-outside living without the traditional compromises - insects, glare and loss of privacy,” Unique Hardware Solutions’ Russell Hunter says.  

“Operating with just the touch of a finger, the unique load balancing technology allows screens and blinds to glide smoothly across the whole door opening to effortlessly stop at any desired position. When not in use, the screen retracts discreetly into the frame removing visual distractions to the view outside whilst also protecting it from damage, dust or dirt build up.”

An insect screen may be installed on one side with a sun filtering blind or block out blind on the other to use when required...
The S4 screens enable two fabric types to be installed across the same opening, with one housed in a coil on each side of the frame.

How can designer insect screens be configured?

The S4 system is ideal for but not limited to large sliding and folding doors and can be fitted to either the inside or the outside of the opening. In terms of installation, a single screen or blind can be installed that extends from one side of the frame and covers the full width of the opening. A single screen can span up to 1015 - 4697mm depending on the fabric type used.

A combination of two fabric types can also be installed, with one housed in a coil on each side of the frame. For example, an insect screen may be installed on one side with a sun filtering blind or block out blind on the other to use when required. 

Another configuration is known as ‘Double’, which offers two screens or shades in the same fabric option that meet at any point along the opening. Double insect screens allow a maximum of 9013mm wide openings. For other fabrics, this will be slightly less due to the thickness of material.

Cornerless screens or shades can also be designed to meet at a 90-degree angle opening, which allows for the ability to remove corner posts - something that traditionally could not have been achieved - but now the view is maintained without distraction. 

“The S4 system is incredibly unique in its offerings, not just in its capability to span up to nine metres of glazing without posts but for its flexibility and variety of configurations and screening types,” Russell says. 

Can retractable insect screens be retrofitted?

The S4 system is primarily designed for inclusion at the design stage, however it can be retrofitted and surface mounted to either the inside or the outside of the frame, Russell says. “In the instance they are surface mounted, elements of the hardware will be visible on the frame. If they are specified at the design stage, all hardware is concealed within the frame for a stunning clean aesthetic.”

Standalone: insect screens for pergolas and outdoor living areas

While the S4 system requires a frame on which to be mounted, it does not have to be a traditional window or door frame, Russell says. “This opens up the design possibilities for outdoor living, allowing designers the ability to specify these screens for spaces such as pergolas that could not previously have insect screens installed.”

S4 screens are easily operable with just the touch of a finger.

How does the S4 system compare with traditional options?

“This system is entirely unique and unlike anything else available in New Zealand. The majority of insect screens installed over the last few years are of the magnetic variety, which are generally not easy to use and are not retractable when not in use. Similarly, pleated systems are another option but these have the disadvantage of distracting from views as pleats are visible when the screen is opened. The difference with this new technology is the ability to design multiple configurations as well as the flawless, uninterrupted views that are maintained when the screens are open.”

S4 screens are all made to order, with a licensed installation professional visiting the site to measure and quote. Once an order is made, the bespoke system is manufactured in Australia and delivered and installed by a licensed installer usually within six weeks. 

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