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Innovative system offers you more freedom.
New design tool puts the power of choice in your hands.
Modas non-penetrative decking system ideal over waterproof membranes.
A lifetime of assurance.
INTEGRA Central Barrier Intertenancy Wall: where peace and quiet meets peace of mind.
For anyone planning to build a home, working within any aspect of the built environment, or just interested...
Invited to construct a 7m-tall, in-situ concrete wall with a negative bamboo detail and most builders would...
EcoStar tiles: the look of slate from recycled materials. 
Integrating plants and biological ecosystems more organically within your home can change the relationship it...
Inspired by a method of thickly applying paint and leaving visible brushstrokes, this contemporary paint...
Timeless appeal the secret to enduring technique.
At the heart of any good retail space is the lighting plan.
Nonagenarian insulation products are taking us into the future.
It seems like a slightly weird notion to describe a home as being ‘future proofed’. What does that even...
In the future, smart homes promise to change the way we live. But today's technology can already do a lot.
A new thermally modified timber from Finland offers endless design possibilities to build a sustainable,...
There are various green ratings available, each with their own specific merits. Here's a breakdown of the...
Let the sunshine in with these four tips to enhance natural light in the home.
The power to future proof your home is in your hands.
Biophilic design is a concept that blurs the line between nature and the built environment. Embracing the...
Create bespoke mosaic tile designs virtually with a custom online mosaic creator. 
Universal design and accessiblity reign supreme when designing homes to cater for different generations, and...
Have you ever struggled to reach that top shelf, couldn’t quite face watching the pre-schooler stand...
Paco Sanchis represents hope. His vision and gritted determination have resulted in the realisation of a...
Being able to live off the grid is an exciting prospect for those who value self-sufficiency. Here's how...
A new range of gas fireplaces geared towards increased aesthetics.
Sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe.
The alpine environment provides a stunning backdrop, but also a unique landscape for design and materials...
For almost half a century, Hermpac has been synonymous with timber.
Takapuna's new town square is one step closer to fruition as the Local Board approves the concept design.
In today’s technological, resource-filled world, there is no excuse for New Zealand homes to be damp, cold...
Designer steel planters, fire pits and screens
Tricore: The roofing system that does it all.
New national hockey centre takes safety to the extreme
If you have an eye for design but don’t want to buy new pieces, Consignment is the place to find the...
Six commonly used roofing materials to explore.
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