Waterproofing systems are seeing a surge in popularity in New Zealand, particularly for external decks and membrane roofing. It’s these systems that are most commonly favoured above other alternatives, primarily because of their versatility and ultimate effectiveness.

Waterproofing systems are vast in their scope, and cover liquid, torch-on, and self-stick systems. But it is the self-stick systems that have seen the largest increase over the last couple of years.

“Our sales of bituBOND self-stick membranes have doubled in the last year, along with torch-on roofing and tanking systems,” Waterproofing Systems’ John Stallard says. “The market is also moving quickly towards TPO roofing membranes.”

Waterproofing System’s duroTUF TPO membrane is a thermoplastic polyolefin, which is formed into a membrane sheet and reinforced with a heavy duty polyester scrim to provide wind uplift and puncture resistance. “It was developed to allow for extreme pliability, flexibility and weldability during installation,” John says.

All of Waterproofing Systems’ systems are BRANZ appraised – a step the company took to ensure their products’ integrity and compliance in the market. “The duroTUF TPO membrane system complies with the New Zealand Building Code as an alternative solution, and is BRANZ appraised to be used on roofs and decks.”

Waterproofing Systems work closely with architects and designers, providing peer reviews of plans and detailed drawings where their systems are specified. “This ensures they meet and comply with E2/AS1 requirements, and most importantly, that the product specified is correct,” John says.

“We also offer to write the masterspec sections ourselves in the finalised drawings to ensure all sections within the masterspec area direct reflection of the architectural work on the plans.”

Based in Auckland, Waterproofing Systems has been in the market for more than 22 years, and operates nationwide with an extensive network of applicators. All applicators are required to be licensed building practitioners if they are completing any work on a building’s external envelope.

“We work extensively with our applicators to ensure they are fully trained and experienced in the installation of our waterproofing membrane systems. They are regularly monitored to ensure they comply with our quality standards,” John says.

If you’re looking at options for waterproofing, get in touch with Waterproofing Systems on ArchiPro here to see what you could achieve with the latest in waterproofing technology.