There are few things worse than something obstructing your view . Whether it’s a smudge on your glasses or a tall person in front of you at the cinema, when you want to see something special - you want to see it.

That’s why Scotty Doors is taking their exclusive full glass door system to the next level with another New Zealand first.

In 2014, Scotty Doors introduced us to the Overlap trackless system, a garage door system operating on a counter weight. Overlap eliminated the need for unsightly tracks and hardware - replacing them with clean, simple lines. And now, Scotty Doors is doing it again: producing full glass paneled door options that eliminate segmented panels and glass inserts.

“Currently, with glass doors like this, there are a number of horizontal lines across the panel and what we’re doing is eliminating this - making one large panel from top to bottom with just a single clean, horizontal line through the middle,” explains Graeme Lietz.

This is made possible by a couple of key innovations. First, the Overlap system. Because the doors open without a track, they don’t need to fold up on hinges. The large panel can open in one piece, in a way that’s neat, simple and far more aesthetically pleasing.

Scotty Doors has developed their own aluminium extrusion profile, which allows them to make full glass frame panels to various sizes and finishes within the frames.

“We’re finishing up on our own aluminium extrusions now, which are manufactured right here in New Zealand. We can make the frames in various colours to match the joinery in the home or whatever the client wants,” explains Graeme.

Bespoke solutions are a point of difference for Scotty Doors. The brand can also customise the full glass overlap system to your particular project, catering to various sizes and finishes, including transparent, translucent and coloured options.

“It’s all about the full view really. Imagine looking out at your backyard, your pool or the ocean and there’s nothing obstructing that image - just one slim metal strip. It’s really pretty special.”

The benefits extend far beyond appearance, however. Because Overlap doors don’t open and close with the help of specialised metal springs, the system doesn’t experience the same mechanical stress and wear with time. Especially with Scotty Doors’ aluminium extrusions.

“Anodised aluminium is standard in our range. It’s a hard-wearing product that doesn’t rust and is far superior to in terms high-wind and maintenance.”

It’s no surprise then that there’s already been a great deal of interest in the system.

“It looks excellent and is very functional as well. There are so many possibilities for commercial and residential applications. These are next generation doors and we’re always working to refine the product. So far we’ve had a lot of interest for use in offices, cafes, decks and pool areas. Consumers and architects see this product and realise there’s something really different out there and that it’s amazing!”

For more information on Scotty Doors, keep your eyes on ArchiPro and check out some of their exciting projects.