When Kiwis are looking to add a degree of country charm to their home, they’ve consistently turned to Barn Doors, New Zealand’s leading specialty door supplier.

That’s because old-style sliding doors on a fabricated steel track have long been the company’s forte - and not just any barn doors either. Each door and track is manufactured in Tauranga of a variety of material options, including solid timber, steel, MDF, copper or engineered timber finishes. Using the client’s preferences as their guide, Barn Doors creates bespoke solutions for a range of residential and commercial applications - breathing new life into a classic look.

“There’s a world of discovery hidden behind the rickety barn doors,” says Blair Myles of Barn Doors, whose captivation has been shared by many over the years.

But there’s a lot more to Barn Doors’ story than the one product. Barn Doors is a subsidiary of Opendoors, which has a rich heritage in the door industry and is a leader in other products as well, each of which is completely enchanting and emotive in any space.

As Blair explains, “We’ve discovered a synergy between the clients that might wish to purchase a barn door and those who may also be looking for something else to complement that feature barn door.”


Something like a Rolling Ladder. Like the barn door, Rolling Ladders have a huge amount of character and a unique appeal - one that is in many ways reminiscent of the past. But while the ladder may seem like a novel product, it’s also a highly practical one.

“Born out of the need for a pragmatic solution to access high spaces such as a mezzanine, loft, or full height bookshelves without taking up valuable floor space. In themselves, they become a beautiful work of art.”

The ladder track mechanism can help homeowners maximise storage space by enabling easy access to top shelves which would otherwise sit empty. In most kitchens, for example, top shelves are unused or reserved for forgotten items that aren't required very often. With a Rolling Ladder mounted on a track, you’re able to fully utilise those hard-to-reach places.

The functionality of these ladders isn’t limited to the kitchen. Rolling Ladders can also help you utilise other spaces more efficiently, including lofts, pantries, libraries and mezzanine areas. Plus, it’s a much more attractive and tidy solution than using fold-out steps or a full size ladder inside the home.

Barn Doors’ parent company
Opendoors specialises in bespoke solutions and can craft a ladder to suit a variety of applications.

“We’ve become the go-to for technical projects that others are unable to handle. The more complex, the greater the challenge. We’re excited and energised by being at the cutting edge of design and engineering.”


That means your Rolling Ladder can stand out as a key feature or blend in as a more useful item.

“What makes Rolling Ladders different is that they have a full universal movement - up, down and angular - which accommodate a wide range of flooring material, and allows for efficient stowage when not in use.”

Additionally, our bespoke track system can be designed to decouple from the track and turn 90 degrees for vertical stowage on an adjacent wall. An anti-climb barrier is also available for families with young children who may want an added level of safety.

Want to add a unique feature to your home? Check out Barn Doors on ArchiPro today and see some of the amazing products in their offering.