If you’re building a house, when does it make sense to include your stair supply company in the process?

Involving Everyone from the Beginning

According to Kaye Turley of Stylecraft Stairways in Wellington, the sooner the better.

Kaye’s reasoning is simple: the earlier your stair company is in the picture,  the more useful they can be, particularly when you work with a supplier like Stylecraft Stairways that offers a comprehensive design-to-installation service. We sat down with Kaye to discuss why something as important as your stairs should never be treated as an afterthought.

“Ideally we get involved at the initial planning stage and before anything has been submitted for building consent.

That way we can work with the architect to ensure stairs are compliant, fully engineered and that there’s a really nice design outcome for the owner. It’s obviously quite a technical product so it’s good to get someone in there who can provide advice on different options and details.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. “It really should be though,” explains Kaye. “Having your stair company on board makes it a lot easier for everyone. Sometimes, we join projects where there will be a head room issue or something else that could have been picked up at planning stage. But because someone who knew about stairs wasn’t involved, it was never flagged.”

This, of course, becomes a pain point for architects, builders and the homeowners, particularly as mistakes become increasingly expensive and time-consuming at later stages in the build.

The Village Goldsmith: Well Executed Staircase Installation

Kaye describes a recent partnership between Stylecraft Stairways and well-known New Zealand jewellery company, the Village Goldsmith.

“The owners came to us at the very start of the project knowing they wanted a feature stair for their renovated showroom. They sat down with our team, we worked through their ideas and added our own design experience to come up with a solution which perfectly complements their showroom. We then assisted them with an engineered design, selecting the right materials and bringing their vision to life.”

The result is a masterpiece: curved steel and American ash stairs accompanied by a stunning glass balustrade.

This gorgeous stairway - which wraps around a fern-covered feature wall - is a focal point in the Village Goldsmith’s Wellington showroom and close collaboration made it possible. Because Stylecraft Stairways’ team was brought into the fold early, they were able to work closely with everyone on-site, including architects and building teams.

 According to Kaye, the right stair supplier can add significant value at every stage of the build, assisting architects, designers, builders and owners from the start.

“For architects, we can provide PS1s and other documentation for council approval at the very beginning of the project.”

Throughout the build, Stylecraft Stairways remains on board as a single point of contact should designers or builders require advice on technical stairway questions. They can also offer extensive assistance with material selection, on-site consultation, and information around what can be achieved within a homeowners timeframe, space and budget. If owners want to see a design concept in advance, Stylecraft also offers a full-colour 3D drawing to help visualise the final product.

As Kaye explains, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a company like Stylecraft Stairways is the amount of time and hassle you’ll save.

“This is a one-stop service,” she says. “The alternative is dealing with up to three or four different companies, coordinating suppliers, designers, engineers and various subcontractors to try and achieve the result you want.”

In turn, money can be saved as well.

“On a recent project, we saved our customer thousands of dollars, by working out an alternative method of construction that achieved the same look but for significantly less cost. Because of our experience, we understand what’s really necessary and how to work within a customer’s budget.”

The experience they’ve gained in 26 impressive years of operation. “Specialising in stairs has allowed our team to build up an extensive knowledge base which our customers can take advantage of,” explains Kaye. “Our experience in working with many different materials such as steel, glass and timber means we can not only provide a stair that’s strong but one that’s beautiful and built to be admired for years to come.”

Want to learn more about Stylecraft Stairways impressive service offering? Check them out on ArchiPro today and browse their gallery of stairway products, supplied New Zealand wide.