We are proud to announce that we have added two new products to our range – the Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Alarm and Wireless Thermal Heat Alarm. These members of the Wireless Family are a breakthrough in innovation, offering extra protection for your home and those that live in it. 


Wireless Photoelectric Smoke alarm. Designed to detect a wide range of types of smoke in the home and is ideal for installing in bedrooms, lounges, and hallways.


Wireless Thermal Heat Alarm. Designed to detect a rapid and constant increase in heat, the thermal heat alarm is ideal for places where you cannot traditionally install smoke alarms; these areas include kitchens, garages, workshops and laundries.

So what is the Wireless Family? The Wireless Family Smoke Alarms  and the Wireless Family Thermal Heat Alarms work to protect every part of your home by syncing with one another using new RF technology. This wireless synchronisation means that if there is a fire in one room of your house, the other Wireless Smoke Alarms and Thermal Heat Alarms will sound an alarm too.

The benefit of this is that everyone in your home, whether they’re upstairs, downstairs, or even in a separate wing of the house, will know immediately if there is a potential fire developing somewhere in the home. The alarm that is at the source of the fire will flash for fast identification.