While minimalism is still a central focus in bathroom design, designers are moving away from the creation of sleek features with tiles, instead creating streamlined moody spaces with a focus on glass.

“We’re seeing grey-tinted and ultraclear glass becoming popular lately,” Haynes Glass’ Matthew Hayne says. “This speciality glass is being used in conjunction with different hardware finishes, such as matt black and brushed brass.”

The use of tinted glass could be described as an evolution of sorts from the recent focus on striking hardware; now, it is the combination of both aspects being used together to create sleek, moody designs that retain a minimalist, if not somewhat masculine, aesthetic.

Standard glass has an iron content which creates a green tinge, particularly when the glass is placed against stark whites. “Ultraclear glass, in comparison, has a lower iron content, allowing it to remain completely clear and creates that sleek contemporary look in bathrooms that people are wanting to create.”

Bronze-tinted glass has been rarely used in showers because until now, it has not been available in New Zealand. Haynes Glass is about to release it to the market to complement its already popular grey-tinted product.

As part of the streamlined minimalism, less componentry is featuring in showers than ever before too allowing for the glass or other features to be the true focus of the room. “We’ve developed a slimmer, smart aluminium channel for showers that exposes no silicone or rubber joins,” Matthew says. “And used with our Verona sliding shower system, which only requires two rollers on a solid stainless steel bar, as opposed to the common sliding shower hardware that required numerous componentry to provide adequate strength it creates a unique sleek aesthetic.”

Haynes Glass has been specialising in glazing for nearly 30 years, focusing on bathroom glass, mirrors, splashbacks and balustrades. Working closely with architects, builders and directly with homeowners, they offer a design service to create bespoke products for projects of any size.


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