Sinks have traditionally been crafted in stainless steel because they are one of the most hard-wearing areas of the kitchen where high use and rough, coarse materials are the norm. Until recently, technology hasn’t allowed us to deter too far from this traditional durable material.

Colour hasn’t been a viable option in stainless steel as any coatings or finishes developed haven’t been able to perform well enough to allow for high use without becoming prone to fading and unsightly scratches revealing the stainless steel underneath the colour coating.

“We’ve travelled a lot and a while back we noticed an increased desire for more colour in the kitchen,” Ikon’s Jarna McLachlan says. “We undertook extensive research and the culmination was the development and subsequent launch of iKolor.”

The first step was the release of charcoal-coloured sinks, which was followed by what Jarna describes as the “holy grail” of kitchen sinks. “iKolor sinks can be almost any colour and offer a durability as close as possible to a traditional stainless steel sink.”

To create the unique technology, Ikon imports raw materials from all over the world and applies its own formula in its manufacturing facility in the Waikato.

While we’ve seen tapware and some kitchen hardware in a palette of colour for a while now, this has been possible because these items don’t need to be able to endure the tough conditions and use a sink does.

“So being able to now offer sinks in virtually any colour is a real step forward. It opens up a new realm of creative design possibilities,” Jarna says.

Ikon's unique technology means that if a sink is scratched through normal use, light scratches will appear as a very faint mark in the same colour as the original finish. Although not impervious to scratching, in the unlikely event that an extremely heavy, deep scratch penetrates through the iKolor, the underlying 304 grade stainless steel ensures that rust cannot form in the same way enamelled sinks do. Some sinks can also be coloured with increased UV stability for use outdoors. 

All iKolor sinks have a 10-year warranty if they are purchased through one of Ikon’s nationwide team of 100 premium partners who have attended a specialist training course at Ikon.

Ikon specialises in kitchen sinks and appliances with a current range of more than 350 sinks available, all designed in the Waikato. Most of the range can be manufactured with any of the 25 standard iKolor tones. “The technology also allows us to create bespoke colours, so we can create almost any colour imaginable,” Jarna says.

So far, the matt black iKolor tone has had the most uptake in New Zealand followed up pink, orange and purple tones. “Using colour really adds a new dimension, creating a unique contemporary point of difference to any kitchen.”

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