As we see New Zealand architects featured more and more on the world stage, winning awards and accolades for their residential work, the Kiwi vernacular is developing. A very contemporary edgy style is evolving – one which is pushing the boundaries of design.

“As part of that change, we’re seeing innovations in the materials, products and systems being used to create these new designs,” Architectural Metalformers’ Nick Capener says.

"In the case of Architectural Metalformers, this constant desire to push boundaries has meant we are developing an ever-evolving set of designs to create products that will satisfy the needs of our rapidly changing residential vernacular."

As cladding and roofing solutions become more complex and bespoke designs are used more frequently, Architectural Metalformers are the forefront of sheet metal design. 

“Because sheet metal is innately malleable, it’s able to be moulded and used in a variety of ways that other materials often can’t be,” Nick says. “It is a more expensive product but for high-end homes, people are generally looking for products that will last 40, 50 or even 60 years, and that can be achieved with sheet metal.”

Architectural Metalformers has evolved with the market, now running four teams of staff dedicated to specialist sheet metal solutions. “Over the years, our staff has developed expertise in this area accumulating a significant amount of intellectual property and skill in bespoke and custom sheet metal solutions.”

The company specialises in high-end solutions, particularly in relation to architectural detailing, cappings, cornices and fascia as well as bespoke door and chimney solutions. “What this means, because we also specialise in roofing and cladding is that architects can come to us and know they are dealing with one contact and team who will provide the entire solution from design through to installation.

“For us, the best part of the job is having an architect come to us with a really complex or unique design and working out a way to achieve that with sheet metal,” Nick says. “It’s really always about raising the bar because once we have a system for one design, the next one will come in that will require a completely new solution.

“I think New Zealand architects are becoming more and more adventurous with what they want to achieve. Rather than generic profiles, they’re coming to us with much more complex designs that require new solutions.”

Architectural Metalformers work predominantly with copper, zinc, aluminium and steel cladding, roofing and bespoke solutions.

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