There is a fairly straight-forward way to build an inground concrete pool, and that way is one that the majority of New Zealand pool builders use. However, at the top end of the market, things operate differently, and the results reflect that.

“We build pools differently,” Morgan Pools founder Carlos Morgan says. Carlos has been in business for more than 45 years focused solely on top-end residential projects, and has a breadth of knowledge in the industry that is hard to surpass, and as technology and the industry as a whole have developed over the decades, so too has Morgan Pools.

“The nuts and bolts of concrete pools are the same as they have always been. Why fix something when it's not broken? What’s changed though is the systems, finishing and technology, which is marching on as always,” Carlos says.

One of the main perceived drawbacks about installing a pool in a residential setting is, and has always been, the amount of time it takes to maintain it. But that’s no longer an issue. “What we say to this is that if you set a pool up the way we do it, you won’t spend more than 20 minutes a month looking after it,” Carlos says.

That sort of result is the culmination of nearly half a century designing and building pools and working with the latest technology to achieve the best results possible.

Knowledge is something that’s invaluable in terms of Morgan Pools because it has come as a result of experience; making mistakes and learning from them and building better systems as a result of those mistakes in the early days.

“Quality is a hard thing to define. For us, quality is not just about the end product, it’s about the way you support the whole

process. We work in a project management capacity, from initial design process, working through material and finishing choices, and supporting clients throughout the whole journey.”

In order for that to happen, Morgan Pools works collaboratively and closely with architects and designers, landscape designers and contractors to ensure a seamless, worry-free process for the client, even in the most complex of builds.

And the pools that are able to be designed and realised today are often exactly that. “What we’re able to achieve now, compared to 15 or 20 years ago when there were a lot of sites you’d never touch doesn’t compare. We’ve got pools cantilevered in the air, on the most complex and difficult sites. Because of our experience, and we’ve seen it all over the years, there isn’t much we can’t do,” Carlos says. “We find ourselves taking on projects that 90 per cent of other pool builders wouldn’t.”

Morgan Pools works closely with architects, and is often brought in at a very early stage in the process. “Architects are the people with the creative flair and vision and they have to be able to trust people like us to be able to deliver what they envision, and for us, that’s something that’s developed over the years with our results and long-standing relationships.”

While based in Auckland and working primarily in the wider Auckland region, Morgan Pools also offers a consultancy service throughout New Zealand where they effectively project manage by setting up contractors and visiting the site at crucial stages. “It’s a way for people based in other areas to benefit from our experience without forking out for the whole team to travel to their location.”

If you’re considering including a pool in your next project, make sure you visit Morgan Pools on ArchiPro here to see their award-winning work and what can be achieved.