An evolution of basket storage: from traditional wicker to modern steel

Storage is central to any good home design, particularly in kitchens, laundries and wardrobes. It’s these functional areas where storage is paramount to ease of use and visual appeal. And as open sculleries become more popular, so too have semi-open storage solutions.

It’s within this context that kitchen storage experts Access Group decided to embark upon the creation of the modern wicker basket. In conjunction with architects, designers and manufacturers, they developed a powder coated steel drawer system inspired by wicker baskets.

Known as the Tanova Ventilated Drawers, they’re designed as a more functional version of what was previously available. “We found we were getting a lot of requests from architects and designers for a product that would perform better than either wicker or wire baskets,” Access Group’s Marty Boakes says. “In particular, they wanted something more contemporary, and drawers that would prevent items or liquids falling through the bottom in kitchen solutions.”

The ventilated drawers are made with powder coated steel, and have a solid base. The frontages incorporate a clean design with a mix of vertical and horizontal perforations that allow for ventilation within the drawer and are a nod to the traditional wicker basket. “This prevents food from going off and keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer because of the air circulation. When used in wardrobe solutions, it allows, again, for air to circulate and prevents clothes and other items becoming musty because they are able to breathe.”

Access Group worked closely with architects and designers in the development of the drawers, and this collaboration led to a product that was designed especially for the New Zealand market, by New Zealanders, Marty says.

“It also meant small details were able to be refined and carefully considered, such as the runner system the drawers operate on, for example, is hidden by a small tab on either side of the drawer that was incorporated into the design for a clean look. We were also able to develop the height and depth of the drawers to suit what architects and designers were looking for.”

The drawers are available in any colour and in two standard sizes, three different heights and two different depths and were designed to fit a range of modular cabinetry.

Access Group specialises in the development of innovative kitchen and home storage solutions, importing a range of global designs as well as developing their own New Zealand-designed range Tanova, which the ventilated drawers are part of.

If you’re looking for novel home storage solutions, get in touch with Access Group on ArchiPro here to see what could be achieved.