Nourishing the senses

Chris Lim, the designer and developer behind Maraca, a candle, diffuser and bodycare manufacturer, grew up in Malaysia. Both his mother and aunt worked in the cosmetic industry, and it’s these beginnings where Chris says his love of fragrances first developed. “We didn’t have iPads or phones to play with and often didn’t have many toys so for us, it was about playing with whatever was available. In my case, it was often miniature bottles of personal fragrances that caught my attention.”

Chris went on to work for some of the world’s largest personal fragrance brands including Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss and Prada. While he enjoyed this industry, it was his desire to develop a range of home fragrances that everyone could enjoy.

“When I moved to New Zealand, I launched Maraca and that’s enabled me to design scents for a much wider market than personal fragrances reach – everyone can enjoy home fragrances.”

In an ever-evolving design world, candles and fragrances – especially luxury scents – need to be on trend, Chris says, and that’s exactly what he ensures with each of his collections. “A lot of people are willing to spend more money on high-end home fragrances because they evoke a certain feeling or create an ambience that can only be achieved with a certain scent.

“I’ve found that people want to feel proud of their homes and the environment they are creating and by choosing luxury fragrances and candles, they are able to achieve a beautiful ambience.”

The Maraca range of candles are indulgent, rich scents designed to lift the mood of any room. The delicately designed fragrances have a depth of character unlike anything comparable. From scents such as Bourgeons de Cassis, inspired by the harvesting of blackcurrant buds in France, to Turn Back Time, a fragrance inspired by a childhood in the 1980s, each candle is delicately layered to achieve a rich palette.

Each year Chris focuses his collections on a broad theme; this year, it has been about evoking memories, in 2016 the collections were inspired by travels in Spain. Next year, the focus will be a more floral theme.

“My passion is about creating experiences for people and allowing them to create a feeling of beauty and ambience in their homes,” Chris says.

That passion is evident throughout Maraca’s offerings, from the voluptuous textures and scents of the body care products to the richly layered candle and diffuser scents.

Each fragrance is developed in France and is based on careful design and inspiration provided by Chris. Once he’s given the French perfumery his direction, a number of samples are manufactured from which the final fragrance is finessed.

Whether it’s a grandeur of a Spanish medieval palace, the markets of Marrakech or a childhood memory, the layering and composition of Maraca scents create a luxurious palette of ambience.

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