The wool factor

Wool carpet has a certain luxuriousness to it that can’t be recreated with synthetic fibres. Adding a beautiful textured wool carpet to a room is a simple way to change the entire tone of an interior design.

“You can define and create beautiful spaces in the home using a textured wool carpet, which you can’t achieve using other carpet fibres because they generally lend themselves to cut pile-style carpets,” Cavalier Bremworth’s Rochelle Flint says. “Selecting a gorgeous wool carpet can bring a perfectly fine interior up to a whole new level. The clever use of a stylish texture on the floor can make a room really pop and give it that wow factor.”

Aside from wool being a natural product, and as a result, hypo-allergenic, it’s also a natural insulator and always warm to touch, which adds an element of luxury to any interior space. Because of its origins, wool is inherently stain and fire resistant, which makes it ideal for those situations where children or pets are in the mix.
With an increased desire to use natural products in the home, has come a resurgence in wool carpets and with it an evolution of styles and trends. “At the moment, the trend is for loop pile carpets with texture,” Rochelle says.

“Chunky loop pile carpets are very popular at the moment, and when it comes to colour, we’re seeing the use of very safe, neutral tones which are enhanced with the use of colour in furniture and homewares.”

Loop pile carpets are created by bending over the fibres and anchoring them to create textured designs, of which Cavalier Bremworth has a large selection. It is this chunky, textured style Kiwis are favouring at the moment, which lends itself to minimalistic interiors by adding an interesting visual and tactile element.

Carpets can also be created with a combination of cut and loop piles that creates another distinctive aesthetic.
Cavalier Bremworth has been operating since 1959 and designs and manufactures its own carpets, both wool and synthetic, in New Zealand. “The use of innovative yarn technology, high quality materials and traditional production processes has allowed us to create an exquisite range of unique carpets.”

If you’re considering a change underfoot, get in touch with Cavalier Bremworth on ArchiPro here for some luxurious inspiration.