Client Manager
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Client Manager

Overview of the role:

The Client Manager role is vital to the overall success of the ArchiPro business. You are at the forefront of the business and responsible for managing the overall experience your clients have with ArchiPro. You will be responsible for managing a portfolio of clients, building a strong rapport and developing long-term relationships with them. Providing sound advice and direction for your clients to ensure they are able to achieve their business objectives through the use of the ArchiPro platform and supporting services.

ArchiPro is a digital product so the Client Manager should have a good level of understanding for the digital landscape, have experience with websites in a Project Management capacity and show a strong level of interest for the ArchiPro platform both digitally and what it aims to achieve for the design and build industry in New Zealand.

The Client Manager will manage the day to day workload of a Co-ordinator who is responsible for the seamless management of their clients’ content and profile across the ArchiPro platform.

The Client Manager should be able to identify opportunities for new work with clients through working with them week to week, working with their Client Director to present new ideas and opportunities once identified.


As a Client Manager what are my core responsibilities:

  •  Successfully onboard new clients to the ArchiPro platform, helping them to set-up their profiles, projects and business information, ensuring they are always getting the most out of being a part of the ArchiPro network, working in close communication with the salesperson and Co-ordinator.

  • Successfully manage their portfolios’ production ticket pipeline for both new and renewing business.

  • Manage their Co-ordinator’s production ticket pipeline, approves and is quality control for all profiles within their portfolio to ensure accuracy and that they meet ArchiPro standards by creating an informative, attractive, inspiring and effective presence.

  • Manage and be the main contact for your client portfolio having a strong understanding of the ArchiPro solution and what it can achieve for their business, meeting with them regularly to ensure that ArchiPro is always top of mind.

  • Provides regular training and support for their clients on the management and optimisation of their profile, including implementing a program of work where they regularly review client profiles.

  • Chases and schedules renewal meetings providing support and operational efficiency for their Client Director.

  • Develops renewal and campaign reports for their client portfolio.

  • Briefs the Advertising Co-ordinator on client ad schedules, manages client approvals, proofs and chases content in time for material deadlines.

  • Develops post campaign analysis reports working with the Advertising Co-ordinator and presents them back to clients informing clients on how to optimise activity moving forward.

  • Fields client enquiries and manages these enquiries based on urgency and enquiry type between themselves, their Client Director and Co-ordinator.

  • Is the escalation point for the Co-ordinator on client, profile and platform relation queries and issues.

  • Keep accurate records of all client interactions loaded into HubSpot, ready to provide a report on these to the GM of Growth and Client Services at any given time should this be requested.

  • Manage projects for your clients with efficiency and collaboration working with your team and the wider ArchiPro business to a PRO standard.

  • Go above and beyond to create a memorable experience for our new clients living one of the ArchiPro core values “Our success is defined by our clients’ success”

 What else do I do:

  • Develop collaborative and strategic relationships with your peers and Senior internal stakeholders.

  • Actively contribute to the ArchiPro company culture making an effort towards ensuring that ArchiPro  is the best place to work.

  • Help contribute to improving ArchiPro company processes, tools and initiatives to ensure that we’re always working in an effective and efficient capacity allowing us to deliver the best work for our clients.

  • Represent ArchiPro professionally and always to the highest standard, striving to deliver your best work with the clients’ and company’s best interests at heart.

Qualifications, skills & experience:

  • A minimum of 3 years client service background.

  • A minimum of 3 years project management skills. 

  • A minimum of 2 years digital understanding/experience (Websites, CMS, social media, Google Analytics).

  • Highly personable and confident.

  • Highly relational and relationship driven

  • Good commercial understanding.

  • Strong time management skills

  • Strong people management skills

  • Skilled multitasker 


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