5 Foot Cedar Hot Tub with Stairs

Our most popular 5 Foot Tub with Stairs with seating for four or more people, and plenty of room for family & friends.

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Whats Included

What's Included in the Price? 

  • Cover: hard, lockable, heat retention cover
  • Hot Tub plumbing including drainage valve, safety intakes, jets
  • Galvanized steel, powder coated, stainless steel or gold electroplated bands (prices vary depending on option)
  • 2speed pump or 1.1 hp pump ensuring high velocity massaging jets
  • 75 ft filter cartridge to maintain crystal clear water
  • Thermometer when necessary
  • Chemical Starter Pack
  • Tuition on water treatment and Colonial Hot Tub maintenance
  • One year warranty on all accessory equipment

Heater, Pump & Filter Items

  • 75 sqft cartridge filter (all tubs)
  • Heavy-duty commercial pump and motor. Davey 2 speed pump as standard, Silensor water cooled andDavey Whisper options available on request with price variation.
  • Electrical element heater in 3,  or 6 kW options. 
  • Time clock, pressure switch heater control with normal and upper-level thermostats for gas and heat pump units
  • Mac unions
  • Two and three-way valves for drain and filter control

Plumbing Items

  • 3 therapeutic massage jets with Venturi Air Control
  • 1 x skimmer
  • 1 x lower suction port
  • Safety drain fittings (2 way and 3-way valves)
  • All piping, elbows and fittings in insulated 40mm class D pressure piping to plumb in the spa pack adjacent to the hot tub
  • Custom jet/suction setups are available on request

Free Extras Included

  • 2-year Warranty on all Tub running gear (heater, pump, filter)
  • 5-year Tub Warranty on the Colonial Hot Tub
  • User manual for Colonial Hot Tub use and maintenance

Colonial Hot Tub Extras

Options Upgrades

  • Heater, Pump&  Filter: Upgrade to top of the line Davey SP1200 6 kW heater controlled by a tubside LED touchpad (includes Spa Power 2 speed pump, comes standard on 6ft and 7ft tub). This set up delivers high performance, whilst conserving energy during heating and filtration times. This is currently the quietest system on the market. 
  • Gas Heater: 16 kW Hurlcon HX 70. 
  • Hot Water Heat Pump: Thermoplus THP5-1 & THP 7-1.

Further Notes

  • Custom size Hot Tub prices are available on request
  • Free site inspection available in Greater Auckland areas
  • Prices include installation and plumbing in the Auckland area subject to access and location (hot tub platform not included)
  • Prices do not include base preparation and electrical connection
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice
  • Quotations are guaranteed for three months. After this period an updated quotation will be presented due to changing material costs.
  • Freight outside of Auckland will incur extra cost. Please contact us to find a local installer in your area.
  • 6Kw heaters require a dedicated 32 Amp circuit hard-wired into the heater. 3Kw and lower heater sizes require a standard 15 Amp outdoor circuit hard wired. Plug options available on request.
  • All prices include GST
Specs / Details


  • 1600 mm x 1175 mm (w x h)
  • Bearers underneath:  100 mm x 75 mm
  • Weight:  approx 150 kg (empty)
  • Weight incl water & two adults: approx 2000 kg
  • Volume of water:  1590 litres
  • Loading on bearers:  12.38 lbs psi / 0.87 kg cm2
  • Volume of tub for delivery:  3 m3
  • Control:  Tubside touch pad
  • Heater size:  3kw (15 amps)
Maintaining the Water

Your hot tub water is easy to keep clean and balanced for the most comfortable soak. Initially you will need to test and adjust the alkalinity (pH) of the water. Sanitisers then need to be added periodically to counteract and remove impurities and contaminants from the water.

Maintaining the Cedar Tub

Colonial Hot Tubs are made of Canadian Heart Cedar which has natural anti-bacterial and anti-decay properties, and are known to last up to 30 years if maintained properly.

Your tub exterior is stained in your preferred colour using CD-50, a high quality and trusted stain. This will only need a fresh coat applied every few years. As wood is a natural material it will require a little attention but nothing more than a couple of hours per year.

Maintaining the Filter & Pump

Your Hot Tub’s water pump and filter distribute additives and remove impurities from the water, they are vital to maintain water purity.

The water filter needs to be periodically cleaned or changed to ensure that it is being effective. The water pump is generally maintenance free and only requires an annual visual check-up. Again we supply full instructions and are able to answer any questions or guide you through the maintenance process.

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The Original Colonial Hot Tub — Hot Tubs come with a 5 yr warranty on materials & craftsmanship & full after sales support. We have built our reputation on creating quality products & providing unbeatable service.

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Colonial Hot Tubs have been handcrafted in Auckland, New Zealand since 1973. A family owned and operated business, construction skills have been passed on and refined over time. Our reputation as market leader has been built on providing the best quality Hot Tub combined with unbeatable service. Charles George (Chubb) – Director and Master Craftsman – firmly stands behind all Colonial products and provides friendly after sales service and support.