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700mm Riptide Original Art: Dive into the beauty of the sea with this stunning piece of original art. Crafted using resin and alcohol ink, this piece features layers of blue and white with a touch of gold, capturing the essence of a powerful riptide. 

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor with this unique artwork. Perfect for hanging in your living room or bedroom, this piece will surely be a conversation starter. Bring the calming yet dynamic energy of the ocean into your space with the 700mm Riptide Original Art.

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    Original Art, Wall Art
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    Resin Art
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    Ashleigh Kate Art
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Ashleigh Kate Art
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Original resin wall art creations infused with personal meaning. Art pieces inspired by life, space, earth and nature.

Welcome to Ashleigh Kate Art.

My journey as a resin artist began growing up on a lily farm set amongst the picturesque plains and landscapes of North Canterbury in New Zealand, where the ever-changing hues of the Waimakariri River flow down the parched plains from the snow-capped alps and plume into the Pacific, ever-changing with light and perspective.

My early dabbling in art classes crafting potpourri from garden flowers aged 8 has evolved to experimentation of the unique and captivating reflective qualities of ink and resin that can only be achieved by this medium, and that needs to be experienced in person to be realised.

I strive with each piece to evoke emotion and leave a lasting mark on the homes, hearts and minds of those who cherish my work. My roots and inspiration are firmly planted in New Zealand, but my aspirations know no bounds. I dream of seeing my art showcased in renowned artistic hubs worldwide, and I am immensely proud to see my pieces in countless galleries and homes across New Zealand and overseas.

I invite you to explore my portfolio, experience the magic of resin art, and become a part of my ever-evolving creative journey. Thank you for joining me on this artistic adventure!