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Touch 7" indoor video station - Home System - Anthracite

The Touch 7" display indoor video station works with ABB-free@home® and ABB-Welcome, and displays the video image of the outdoor station. This system functions to control: switching, dimming, blind, RTC, scene, Philips Hue colour lighting. 

Additional features:

  • During the conversation, a picture of the visitor can be taken and stored in the picture memory.
  • For door calls during absence three pictures of the visitor are automatically stored in the picture memory.
  • With the hands-free function, the volume is adjustable.
  • Easy operation keys for door openers, mute function and light.
  • Different bell sounds are adjustable for the door and floor ringing; five polyphone bell sounds are available. The volume of bell sounds is also adjustable.
  • There is an SD card slot for extension of the picture memory.

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