Acoustic Moss Panels

By Gaea

In addition to adding a touch of nature and enhancing your design aesthetic, we can strategically place acoustic moss panels and walls to dampen sound. It’s the most beautiful noise barrier you can find!

With modern architecture and interior design favouring open floor plans, hard and flat surfaces, and minimalistic furniture and décor—interior noise reverberation is an increasing challenge. Our moss designs are the ideal solution. Choose from 18 different colors, and countless shapes and sizes, including custom designs.

While we may utilize a variety of moss species for texture and style, Reindeer Moss is ideal for absorbing sound. The beauty of nature will create a tranquil environment, that is further optimised by minimising sound pollution.

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We source our Scandinavian preserved moss from eco-friendly farms that utilize environmentally-friendly preservation treatments. This mineral-rich treatment ensures that your new green moss wall will remain vibrant and healthy long-term. It also ensures your feature wall is hands-free, no watering is required!


Your new moss design brings the beauty of nature indoors, but it does so much more!

In addition to the magnificent beauty of nature, moss:

  • Thrives without water or direct sunlight
  • Purifies the air minimizing dust and toxins
  • Acts as a natural sound dampening acoustic insulation
  • Is certified by ISO as a fire-resistant interior feature

Our design team will advise on placement to ensure humidity and low lighting.

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We transform your indoor space into a stunning natural oasis with our preserved moss murals, art, and branding! Whether you're looking to create a peaceful sanctuary in your home, a refreshing and inviting environment in your office, or a memorable brand experience for your customers, we've got you covered.

Our preserved moss is carefully selected and expertly preserved to retain its natural beauty and texture, bringing a touch of the great outdoors into any space. From striking murals that evoke the majesty of a forest, to custom designs that reflect your unique brand identity, our moss art is sure to captivate and inspire.

Our preserved moss walls and custom moss art are designed to transport you to a world of natural beauty and tranquility, no matter where you are. By incorporating these lush, green, natural elements into your indoor spaces, we can help people rekindle their connection with the natural world and create a more sustainable future for all.

Let us help you transform your space with our stunning preserved moss murals, art, and branding, and discover a whole new world of natural inspiration!