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Pierre Frey | Alexander Embroidery on Linen Fabric

Alexander Embroidery on Linen Fabric by Pierre Frey is a modulation of a continuous line, regular movement of a luminous colour embroidered on linen which unwinds with elegance.

Geometric abstraction is the prism chosen by Maison Pierre Frey to develop the new fabric and carpet collections, named respectively: Vibrations and Rhythms. With extraordinary energy, the VIBRATIONS collection explores graphic expressions that are both minimalist and exuberant. From Bauhaus to kinetic art to the present day, this pictorial language is based on the representation and combination of geometric forms in a two-dimensional space. 

The relationship between full and empty, lines and colors, create an evocative graphic field. The choice of different techniques (embroidery, weaving, or printing for fabrics; traditional Nepalese knot, hand tuft, or traditional flat weave for carpets & rugs), the bright color palette, and the preference for natural materials allow these collections to “vibrate” in a joyful tone. What could be more natural than entrusting the photo styling & shooting of this collection to the talented designer and scenographer Constance Guisset, who considers abstraction as an open door to the imaginary

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