Alucobond Plus Aluminum Composite Panel

Alucobond® Plus is a composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a mineral-filled polymer core. The superb properties of this material boost one’s inspiration and offer architecture a whole new range of solutions – whether your project is a private home, a public building, a corporate headquarter and offices, or a trading or industrial complex.

Alucobond® Plus has been developed exclusively for the more stringent requirements of the fire prevention regulations in architectural products. Thanks to its mineral-filled core Alucobond® plus meets the stricter requirements of the fire classifications. It is hardly inflammable and offers all the proven product properties of the Alucobond® family, such as flatness, formability, resistance to weather and easy processing

  • Category
    Composite Cladding


  • Commercial, high-rise & curtain-wall cladding
  • Commercial Applications
  • High rise applications
  • Residential Applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Re cladding/Refurbishing
  • Signage
  • Fascias
  • Feature walls
  • Petrol station & train station canopies 
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Alucobond Plus Aluminum Composite Panel

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