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Anchorjak™ Floating Tile Platforms

Level up your outdoor space, with the AnchorJak Platform

Innovate your Exterior Space with Anchorjak's Framing Options.

Glass Vice® Anchorjak™ is a 2-in-1 system designed to make the installation of floating platforms a breeze while providing a quality level platform for great indoor/outdoor flow.

Our Anchorjak™ range is created from injected polypropylene molds tested to exceed 750kg of downward force per Anchorjak™ unit.

The Anchorjak™ range comes in six different sizes ranging between 20mm and 65mm. These can then be extended with the pedestal extender to meet height requirements.

Permeable Tile/Pavers/Timber

As the Anchorjak™ system is totally floated, there is no adhesive or fixing involved.  All the tiles and pavers are removable for inspection purposes and as an added advantage, additional services can be run under the suspended tiles or pavers. Timber should be fastened using stainless steel screws, the decking can also be removed for inspection of the membrane deck as required.

Anchorjak™ with Timber Overlay

Our product is a great choice when building a floating timber platform. It enables the structure to be built in a number of ways utilizing Aluminium or Timber frames.

The Anchorjak™ accessories range ensures the best finish for your floating platform while maintaining strength and durability.

Floating tile platforms made versatile | AnchorJak

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