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Arcolis by Barrisol - Acoustic Frames

Arcolis by Barrisol is a decorative approach that offers standard and made to measure acoustic frames which are available in 50 colours. These can also be personalized. Created to be adaptable to all locations, the wide range of Arcolis panels is suited for all spaces that require acoustic correction.

The frame is made of an aluminium structure and covered with the fabric of your choice; it includes high-performance insulating material to absorb unwanted sounds. Designed to be suspended, hung up or placed, each frame adapts to specific needs and decors. Its shape and size are only limited by your imagination.

Suitable for walls as well as ceilings, Arcolis acoustic panels are available in 15 standard rectangular sizes; also available with round frames, 2D and 3D bending that can adapt to all interior design schemes. The panels can divide offices or rooms and can be installed easily. Ideal for enclosing a work-space with acoustic correction.

They are also available in printed versions and can thus be turned into works of art or decorative boards. They can also be personalized with your logo, text or pictures and become a means for communicating messages and your image. This attractive acoustic solution invented by Barrisol, also brings the material effect. Features can thus tone with all types of architecture, while the strength of the membranes guarantees durability over time as they never crack; effects like copper, mirror, concrete, wood and brick in its different references.

Arcolis can be used in offices, conference rooms, schools, music auditoriums, restaurants, hotels, canteens, libraries, recording studios, sports halls, residential, etc.

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