Armstrong Soundscape Panels

Soundscape Shapes – Acoustical Clouds, are designer acoustic panels, pre-formed into convex, concave, square, circle, hexagon, trapezoid, or parallelogram shapes.
Soundscapes Shapes improve the overall comfort of your working environment, offering excellent sound absorption and light reflectance. SoundScapes Shapes can be used to provide a striking design for a new space or be used to refresh or renovate an existing area. SoundScapes Shapes can retrofit to most ceiling systems in minutes and are the ideal solution for an area that suffers from background noise and reverberation.

  • Category
    Acoustic Panels
Specs / Details
  • Up to 90% light reflectance
  • 1.49 Sabins per square foot
  • RH 90%

Soundscape Shape Sizes

  • Square, Convex, Concave, Circle, Hexagon, Trapezoid, Left Pallelogram, Right Paraellogram are Nominal 1200mm x 1200mm x 30mm
  • Small Rectangle is 1200mm x 1800mm x 30mm
  • Large Rectangle is Nominal 1200mm x 2400mm x 30mm
  • Soundscapes Canopy Sizes are 1870mm x 1181mm and 915mm x915mm.
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