AUS Blackwood (Tasmanian)

The highly decorative hardwood of blackwood outshines almost every other timber in the range of colours it possesses. The heartwood is a rich golden brown through which there may be streaks of reddish brown or almost black. The sapwood is a pale cream-brown, contrasting strongly with the heartwood. Grain is usually straight but sometimes wavy, producing a "fiddle back" figure. Blackwood is rated as moderately decay resistant, though susceptible to insect attack. 

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    Timber, Flooring, Timber Decking

Botanical Name
Acacia Melanoxylon 

Other Names
Australian Blackwood 


Scope of use


  • Structure
  • Wall/Ceiling
  • Furniture
  • Flooring 

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Un-patterned, diffuse large pores with narrow rays which can be reddish in colour. 

Australian Blackwood is easily worked with both hand and machine tools but figured wood and pieces with interlocked grain can cause tear-out. Australian Blackwood turns, glues, stains, and finishes well. It also responds well to steam bending. 

Common uses
Veneer, furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments and wood objects.


Certifications Available
PEFC/40-31-26 Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

Dries fairly easily and without undue degrade, although there is some tendency to cupping. 

Working Qualities
The timber works fairly easily but cutting edges must be kept sharpened for end grain working. A reduction of the cutting angle to 20º is usually beneficial in planning and moulding, particularly when the curly grain is present. It can be screwed and nailed well but gluing properties are often variable. It finishes well and takes an excellent stain and polish. 

Fine furniture, shop fitting, cabinets, gun stocks, musical instruments and decorative veneer.

Basic Info

Durability In Ground Perishable/Non Durable
Durability Above Ground Moderately Durable 

Density Air Dry 650 kg/m3
Density Green 1050 kg/m3 

Shrinkage Radial 4 %
Shrinkage Tangental 5 % 

Stability Kiln Dry Very Stable
Stability Green Stable

Mechanical Properties

Janka Hardness 5.18 kN
Modulus of Rupture 129 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity 14 GPa
Max Crush Strength 14 MPa
Strength Group UnseasonedS4
Streanth Group SeasonedSD4

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