Australian Rustic Hardwood Sleepers are made up of a mixture of authentic Australian hardwoods and are graded from A through to C. They are available in a standard 2100mm length, 2400mm and occasionally 3600mm. 

They are naturally durable with no preservation treatment making them ideal for children’s playgrounds, edible gardens and near natural waterways.

Landscape Grade - The original and well-known Australian rustic hardwood sleepers direct from the Australian rail networks. Ideal for an immediate rustic effect in any setting, and suited for passive landscape applications such as edging, low walls and steps.

NZ Premium - Authentic used Australian hardwood sleepers ex-NZ rail network. Rare and suited for high-end or boutique applications where a high quality rustic aesthetic is sought.

  • Category
    Railway Sleepers, Garden Edging, Raised Garden Beds
  • Range
    Used Railway Sleepers

COLOUR: Grey to dark brown

DIMENSIONS: 2400mm / 2600mm / 3600mm (occasionally) x 200mm x 140mm (+/- 20mm)

WEIGHT: 70kg per 2400mm – 120kg per 3600mm


TREATMENT: Untreated, may contain ex-rail contaminants (stones, oil etc.)

Scope of use

Boutique/niche applications, existing landscapes and designs, new builds that require a good quality, timeless rustic feel.

Popular Uses
  • Rustic Furniture
  • Bespoke Designs
  • Sculptures
  • Post and Rail Fences
  • Mantels
  • Interior Uses

Extremely rare, subject to availability, great for one-off, high-end finishes.

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