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Barrisol Climatisation Acoustic Light System

Enhanced climatisation for your well-being.

Barrisol Clim – Acoustic Lighting Solution is an innovation which is unique in the world and which is the fittest solution to answer both architects’ and acousticians’ expectations. Acoustic light is a revolution, it combines both aspects: acoustics and light.

Unti this day, market supply was divided in two: on one side the acoustic ceilings and on the other side the lighting ceilings.

Barrisol have worked for years on research and development in order to perfect the new lighting acoustic material, which was originally simply a lighting material. The technological developments have meant designers and architects are able to keep the lighting aesthetics in the room as well as balancing out the acoustic levels and improving noise reduction (coefficient: α w from 0,55 to 0,7) in large spaces and stretched ceilings.

Furthermore, the merge between the fine acoustics and aesthetically pleasing lighting comes the temperature control. The Barrisol Clim – Acoustic Light not only manages the visual ambiance but also will allow flexibility in heating and cooling of a room.

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