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Barrisol Climatisation Acoustic Light System

The technical and practical benefits of this system are:

  • It handles all the technical functions in one unit.
  • Heating and cooling• Area ventilation / free cooling.
  • Acoustic and/or luminous canvas.
  • Option to integrate sound or projected video.
  • Hidden/disguised technical components.
  • Eliminates visible ventilation units.
  • Frees up wall space.
  • Maintains a consistent temperature throughout.
  • A heightened system response time allows responsive temperature changes.
  • No draughts.
  • Uses between 5 and 10% less energy than standard air-conditioning
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • AAA cold and AAA hot performance, according to the ISO 7730 standards.
  • Minimal maintenance.

Barrisol® Clim® evens out the temperature of both your walls and the air, wherever you are in the room. The extremely low-temperature difference between the head and the feet of an occupant (1.0°C in heating mode and 0.5°C in cooling mode), alongside the almost imperceptible airspeed, means that Barrisol® Clim® can provide unparalleled comfort.

Unlike “static” air conditioning ceilings (which use hydraulic tubes), Barrisol® Clim® offers almost unlimited power. The admissible power of 600W/m² while heating and 550W/m² while cooling ensures that it can meet your heating and cooling needs, wherever you are on the planet.

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