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Barrisol Lighting Solutions

Because each project is unique, Stretchmaster with Barrisol offers several lighting systems for commercial and residential. Stretchmaster guarantees a stable and aesthetic installation for all types of lighting in the Barrisol ceiling.

Thanks to the unique and highly adaptable nature of Barrisol translucent sheets, Stretchmaster can create intelligent lighting systems for interiors without compromising on design.

Lighting has a huge impact on human beings, in their mood and feelings, safety, purchase behaviour and productivity. Adjusting and controlling lighting affects workers, customers, or clients in a positive manner to get the best possible performance, increase foot traffic and highest sales.

Barrisol Lumière – lighting stretch ceiling – uses a Barrisol translucent sheet enlightened by a higher source of light. It then becomes possible to play with the light intensity thanks to a system of light variation.

The system Barrisol Lumière (light) brings a bright ceiling to light up complete or partial rooms. Due to its unique texture, Barrisol Lumière allows the uniform diffusion of the light source placed behind it. It exploits the luminous atmosphere when variation of light, giving an extreme light intensity.

Lighting systems are installed in the upper part of the ceiling: Tubes, LEDs and fibre optics.

Thanks to the various colours and degrees of translucidity of the sheet, the light can be diffused, coloured or natural. Barrisol Lumière can take the form of a luminous way, a ceiling or a wall but also a flat form included in the ceiling or a 3D form.

It is also possible to project images, photographs or plays of light on the Barrisol Lumière sheet to create a specific atmosphere. 13 colours and degrees of translucidity are possible within the line of Translucides® and Xtremes®. The Barrisol Lumière can also be acoustic, perforated and printed.

Barrisol Lumière works particularly well in public places such as museums, bars, discotheques and in other demonstrations.

Barrisol Lumière can be used in chromotherapy with soft variations of colours and in luminotherapy with effects of day light.

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