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Ceramic Pottery by Richard Naylor

Yorkshire-born potter Richard Naylor spent a large part of his life living and working in Asia before settling in New Zealand. He now works from his home studio in the Waitakere Forest, just outside Auckland. Naylor produces much of his work on the wheel, though for larger pieces he also uses coiling as a way to build form.

Naylor draws inspiration from his travels, the forest, and beaches that now form a backdrop to his life, along with the harsh Pennine landscapes of his childhood. He exhibits a fascination with pure forms derived from an interest in modernism but also likes to introduce a notion of handmade rustic surface treatments through texture, alteration, slips, or naked clay. Repeated patterns are often used to create texture over a surface that is often extremely tactile, and forms vary from the clean lines of modernism to weather-beaten, fully-bodied grittiness. This reflects his interest in the landscapes that surround us, the regularity and patterns in nature, and the chaotic, haphazard forces that break down that purity, distress it, and create new landscapes.

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