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Vulcan Charred Cladding

Charred wood cladding and feature lining are the products of an ancient Japanese technique that creates a unique, beautiful and durable exterior wood product. The Japanese invented this technique hundreds of years ago, calling it “shou sugi ban” or “yakisugi”. A long lasting char layer is created on the surface Vulcan Charred Cladding, resulting in a deep “alligator skin” effect that provides a sacrificial layer for weathering. Vulcan Charred is factory sealed after charring with Abodo’s Char Oil, a high solids natural oil design to strengthen the char layer.

The blackened effect is achieved through a process involving the use of an open fire to leave timber with a charred, blackish finish. Abodo uses use industrial blowtorches to replicate this effect. The charred surface can be left completely untouched, can be heavily or lightly brushed, and can be sealed with a clear coat or oil.

This charred surface is then decay, insect, weather, UV and fire resistant – but most importantly, aesthetically unique, striking and beautiful. A heavy char will last longer than a light char, due the way wood weathers when exposed to weathering.

Abodo uses proprietary oils to create a harder char layer, which in turn reduces flaking of the coating, and improves durability of the char layer. Brushing the charred wood often creates a beautiful appearance which can be finished with a natural oil. This finish is more suited to interiors, and will quickly weather once exposed in an exterior environment.


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