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Colorado 2500 Infrared Heating


The zero-maintenance 2.5kW Herschel COLORADO, with its classic, tasteful and sleek design, is a powerful electric space heater made to the highest quality. Ideal for those looking for a discreet, effective and easy to control solution, the Colorado has a smart, black aluminium powder-coated finish and is suitable for indoor and outdoor locations where airflow is manageable.

Well-suited for both domestic and commercial markets, Colorado is an excellent solution for outdoor restaurant and bar terraces and similar indoor environments seeking a stylish, effective heating solution for their space.

The high protection afforded by Colorado’s IP55 rating allows it to be mounted outdoors and exposed to occasional rainfall.  It can be both wall or ceiling mounted or alternatively a stand (available separately) allows Colorado to be mounted as a temporary heater where it can be used exactly where and when it is needed.

With a warm up time of just 5-10 seconds, the ultra-long life carbon heating lamp of the COLORADO, with a bulb life of 10,000 hours, quickly produces an effective feeling of comfortable warmth. The Colorado is available with or without a remote control.  For extra precision and heating control, the remote control version provides 4 power settings (100%; 75%; 50%; 25%) and can be timer controlled for up to 9 hours. The Colorado offers maximum heating flexibility enabling you to maintain comfort levels even if the temperature changes around you.

The ultra-long life carbon lamp emits a warm orange glow, avoiding the glare produced by most quartz halogen heaters available.

As always in exposed areas with air movement and wind, infrared spread may reduce by 1/3 to 1/2. In these areas, we recommend mounting at the lowest height and proportionally increasing the number of heaters.

You will need to purchase your controls separately. There are different options with different capabilities which you can select from below: