Concrete Engraving

Are you looking to add a touch of uniqueness to your property or business? Do you want to showcase your brand in a creative and eye-catching way? Look no further than our concrete engraving services.We can do any design at any size on almost any material.
Our machines are portable so we have the ability to get into tight areas, high area’s, vertical or horizontal.
We offer custom CNC designs and engraving either at our shop or on location. We have the ability to add your company logo on your concrete floors or make a custom sign out of wood, soft metals, epoxy, etc.
We combine top-of-the-line technology with a sophisticated motor-driven mechanical system. Our CNC machines link up to a laptop using a specialised software. The software transforms virtually any image from the computer into a precise engraving on almost any desired surface. The possibilities are endless.

  • Category
    Concrete Flooring, Sculptures and Art, Solid Surface
  • Range
    Exterior Concrete Finishes
Scope of use

Decorative or informative concrete engraving in floors, footpaths, wall panels, entrances and many other options. An alternative to sand blasting with alot less mess and more accuracy

  • Engraving is permanent. No need to get words or safety signage repainted year after year.
  • Less mess than alternative methods – virtually no mess at all!
  • Consistent results. Done by the computer not by hand.
  • No templates required. Only limited by your imagination.
  • Adjustments to the design can be made to suit the location.
  • Can be done on concrete pads, pavers and panels.
  • No job too big or too small.
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About the

GrindKing has been specialising in polished concrete since 2003.

GrindKing has been specialising in polished concrete since 2003. Beginning with a small crew we have now expanded to have a large fleet. Our team is known as the leading concrete grinding company in the Bay Of Plenty and now has a branch in Hamilton to cover the Waikato.

This growth has meant our capabilities have expanded from residential products to large-scale commercial projects such as extensive levelling work on the recent Tauranga Farmers development and the addition of Bush Hammer tooling.

The GrindKing Team have comprehensive experience across all areas of concrete grinding, polishing and sealing. GrindKing is well-equipped with the latest industry-leading machinery and has the manpower to take on jobs of any scale.

So whether it be a high-end residential or a mammoth warehouse floor you’re after, GrindKing can help you out.