AquaDuct is an innovative, low cost solution to get water away from the end of culverts and prevent erosion around and under culverts. AquaDuct can be installed in long lengths where access is difficult to channel water to the base of steep slopes in a controlled way.

AquaDuct is available in single and double cleat. Double cleat adds strength and allows the product to be secured in both sides of the flume. This is recommended for long runs and large diameter flumes. AquaDuct has a unique double reinforced zone at the top to reduce tearing from pipe abrasion.

FlexiFlume is a lightweight sewn culvert flume manufactured from a reinforced PE material to provide a lightweight yet robust culvert flume for use around earthworks and construction sites. FlexiFlume is an innovative and cost-effective product to remove water in a controlled way from culverts, sediment pond outflows, stream diversions and many other applications around a site, preventing erosion and scour.

FlexiFlume is available with fixing loops on either one side or both, allowing the flume to be secured in place using steel Y posts preventing the flume being moved in the wind.

  • Category
    Construction Tools & Attachments
  • Constructed from a durable PVC fabric
  • Custom sizes available
  • Stainless steel straps also available
  • An innovative & low cost solution
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