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D-Code Toilet by Duravit

The key to elegance in the bathroom

Of course, good design isn’t everything, but all the same a well-designed object makes life more pleasant. Even more so if it is affordable. D-Code from Duravit is a new kind of bathroom range – complete from washbasin to towel rail, consistently designed throughout and with an excellent value.

The choice is yours

After all, every bathroom user should be able to find exactly the product needed for his or her project, be it an apartment or multi-family dwelling, an office or a hotel, a private, semi-public or open area. Choices range between the wall mounted toilet, the compact version of the wall mounted toilet and the floor standing toilet, supplemented with the appropriate bidet.

Unlimited Toilet Comfort

Special requirements and legal regulations apply to barrier-free bathrooms. The goal of the facilities are to allow maximum self-sufficient use. The ADA version of the D-Code wall mounted toilet is mounted 45–50 cm high and has a 70 cm projection. This makes it easy to approach in a wheelchair and comfortable to use. Meanwhile, hygiene is the top priority in toilets in open and semi-public areas. That’s why there are D-Code urinals with manual flushing and electronic occupancy control: a sensor triggers flushing when the user moves away.

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