DESIGN: Victor Vasilev / 2014

DESCRIPTION: A new washbasin system which combines the washing function with an open storage compartment. Available versions: single washbasin placed on the right or left side of an open-faced unit. Twin washbasins placed on either side of a central, open-faced unit. The combination of two sustainable materials (Corian® and PaperStone®) creates a striking effect.

TECHNICAL FEATURES: washbasin in matt white Corian®. Open-faced unit in matt black PaperStone®.
version with left or right or middle washbasin h.300 W.900/1100/1288 or 1688 d.450 mm.
version with twin washbasins h.300 W.1600/1800 d.450 mm.

“This project was born from the desire to find new solutions for integrating washbasin and cabinet. The name DueC refers to the creation of two separate volumes. The horizontal combination of surfaces creates the final complete shape.
The contrast between the colours and the materials emphasises the perception of movement which is what the composition is all about. The washbasin is made of Corian® Glacier White whilst the cabinet is made of black PaperStone®.
The simplicity of the idea leads us to imagine other possible functional solutions, whilst maintaining the original concept. “ V. Vasilev

PaperStone® PaperStone® the world’s greenest surface.
PaperStone® is made from FSC certified recycled paper and cardboard, impregnated with Petrofree ® phenolic resin, derived mainly from pressing the shells of cashew nuts.
A non-toxic material which, with its bright and natural colours, not only fits well into the environment but creates an holistic view of living spaces.
PaperStone ® is ductile but extremely resistant and natural but, at the same time, high performing.
The NSF certification, one of the most restrictive and demanding tests for surfaces suitable for contact with food, confirms this. PaperStone® “Green Your Life”

  • Category
    Bathroom Vanities
  • Warranty
  • Country of origin
  • Type of use
    Commercial and Residential
  • Package type
    Fragile - handle with care
  • Care and cleaning
    Easy maintenance
  • Installation
    Professional installation recommended
  • Assembly
    Professional assembly recommended
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