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Electric Car EV Charging For Local Authority

Connected Kerb is an electric car charging infrastructure solution which is smart, reliable, visually attractive and environmentally sustainable. Installing Electric Car EV Charging For Local Authority in the public sector and local authorities (including fleet) enables you to:

Generate new income streams

  • Apply for and capture funding for projects that meet a residential need.
  • Partially or fully fund models with different levels of profit share. We work with Councils so talk to us to find the right funding model for your needs.
  • Our EV charging points also support IoT from WiFi and fibre to air and traffic sensors that can all be monetised.

Achieve Carbon Emission objectives

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and improves air quality.
  • Long-life charging points (>10 years) which are manufactured using recycled materials.

Facilitate a happy community

  • Our team will support you to select the right locations for EV charging points.
  • The unique and long-lasting design (>10 years) of our EV charging stations ensures minimised ongoing disruption and construction activities.
  • While most people are more likely to make the switch to electric cars if they had access to EV charging at home or at work; more than half would not have bought an EV if they did not have access to overnight charging.
  • By offering vehicle charging in Council or your public organisation, you will be enhancing the everyday experience of your community without adding constraints on local parking, all while taking polluting cars off the road.
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