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ESSENTIAL | Balance: 2018 Dulux Colour Trends

It’s the simple pleasures that remind us that life need not be so complicated. The familiar comfort of a cup of tea, the warm kiss of the sun on your face - beauty can exist in the most humble and quietest of moments. Showy status symbols begin to lose their shine, replaced by the Nordic tradition of Hygge.

Bring life back to basics

Time is no longer an elusive and fleeting luxury, rather a series of moments to be savoured and shared. Our search for a more authentic existence inspires a new-found appreciation for natural and recycled materials. As we embrace the old as new, we move towards a more genuine and conscious way of living.

Colour tips

Combine naturals such as soft brown, sand and grey green for a relaxing scheme conducive to taking time out.

Liven up a neutral look with different textures. Imperfect edges on textiles, handmade details and a mix of materials will give your space character and ensure your neutral colour scheme is never dull.

Paler colours create a calming and nurturing palette. The simple charm and raw honesty of imperfect finishes help to make your room feel comfortable and inviting. Start with hand-crafted ornaments and natural linens.

Adding a rich, warm colour like Clay Court to your grey scheme can create a focal point within a space or highlight an architectural detail. It can be the colour twist that elevates your colour scheme from simple to sophisticated.

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