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This exquisite circular Art Rug - inspired by the original artwork series of NZ artist Christine Harris, Estuary in Bloom - is crafted by our team of artisans using the finest New Zealand wool and art silk, to create a bespoke piece that is evocative and fluid, playing with paint on water.

Concept: Christine Harris is inspired by the ancient art of marbling. She creates her stunning works by dropping paint onto the surface of water, moving, and swirling until the desired effect is created. She then captures the one-off painting as paper is dropped back onto the surface of the water. These works are truly magical.

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    Floor Rugs, Commercial Grade Flooring
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    The Artists Rug Collection
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  • Designer
    Christine Harris

Sizing can be customised to fit your individual requirements.

Pile weight - 3.5kg per square metre.

Based on the original artwork series: Estuary in Bloom.

Artist: Christine Harris

Design No. CH-005

Materials: New Zealand Wool / Art Silk

Scope of use

This design is suitable for heavy duty use in both domestic and commercial settings.


NZ wool and art silk. Handcrafted. Able to be customised in colour and size and tailored specifically to fit your interior spaces.⁠

Christine Harris

New Zealand visual artist Christine Harris works swiftly and intensely with the ancient art of marbling to create bespoke, evocative paintings. Harris is a leading hand-painted ceramics designer who is currently exploring the serendipitous fluidity of playing with paint on water.

“I work quickly and intensely with a point to capture the movement of the paints, using the natural movement of the water,” Harris says.

Garden walls, herbaceous borders, ponds and estuaries are her inspiration; the alchemy of paint on water releases the impressionist, often biomorphic paintings evocative of gardens and marine plants.

“The alchemy of marbling plays a big part in my work – it’s always a surprise when the paper is lifted off the water – some days the colours won’t be the same, or I get wonderful biomorphic designs happening”.

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